Bickerstaffe Pensioners’ Fund

The Bickerstaffe Pensioners’ Fund have been awarded £1400 from the Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation.

Edward McCarthy who, as a resident, helped the group with their application said:

“Bickerstaffe is a very spread out parish. The local transport links are very poor. In such a community people especially the elderly can be rurally isolated and suffer as a consequence of this. Local organisations such as the church, school, Mother’s Union and Women’s Institute are a real lifeline. Another Bickerstaffe organisation is the Bickerstaffe Pensioners Fund. This was set up in 1964.The fund has a two year cycle – one year a party and one year a trip. The continuation of the scheme is very important to the people of Bickerstaffe. It is great to hear that funding has been awarded from the Skipton Building Society. On behalf of the Bickerstaffe Pensioners’ Fund I would like to thank them.”

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