Churchyard Tidy Up at Holy Trinity Church Bickerstaffe

On Saturday 15th July a group of Holy Trinity Bickerstaffe church members completed a major tidy up of their graveyard.

The current graveyard has been in use since 1844. The graveyard is maintained during the year by a combination of a contract gardener and church members. The graveyard will be full by the end of the year. The new extension at the back of the current graveyard was consecrated early this year.

Today a lot of vegetation was cleared, trees and bushes also trimmed. Lots of leaves, twigs and litter were removed.

During the morning the first grave used in the churchyard in 1843 was revealed after some tidying.

Pictured-Back row-Mike Clarke, Norma Rimmer, Irene McCarthy, Sheila Prentice, Vera Gregson, Lesley Rawlinson, Audrey Banks, Albert Webster, Jonathan Rawlinson. Front row-Hilary Rosbotham, Freda Brownbill, and Merrick Rimmer. Also helping were Andrew Housley, Maxine Warburton and Edward McCarthy.

If anyone would like to contribute to the maintenance of the graveyard, please get in touch with the Vicar or Church Wardens or Deputy Church Warden. Full details are in our church magazine or website