Coronavirus Update 14 March 2020

St Michael, Aughton and Holy Trinity, Bickerstaffe


Coronavirus Bulletin for the congregation (updated 14th March 2020)


Please follow the following steps


  1. On arrival in church buildings including church on a Sunday, please hand sanitize using your own bottle or wash hands using soap in the kitchen or toilet.
  2. DO NOT shake hands.


  1. Worship

Communion in one kind only will continue to be practiced, with the priest only drinking from the chalice. Please stand and not kneel at the communion rail.


St Michael’s

Single use service and hymn sheets will be provided at the 10.30am service.


Holy Trinity

All services will be projected.

Single use hymn sheets will be provided for the choir.


  1. CollectionPlease place your donation in the box at the back of church on arrival. Alternatively, donate via the card reader or speak to Brian about joining the Parish Giving Scheme (information in the church magazine).Holy Trinity
  2. Those who count the money need to regularly wash their hands or wear disposable gloves.
  3. Place your donation in the plates at the back of church on arrival. Alternatively, ask Stan about setting up a standing order.
  4. St Michael’s


  1. Until further notice, refreshments will NOT be served following the service.


  1. If you are self isolating, please let Andrew or the Church Wardens know. If you are at St Michael’s you can also let Chris Thomson know. If you are at Holy Trinity, you can also let Irene McCarthy know.


  1. Clergy cassocks and surplices need to be washed regularly on the highest cycle possible or not worn.
  2. Choir are not to robe.
  3. Sidespeople
  • Wear disposable gloves to hand out service sheets.
  • Welcome at the door to inform people of changes
  • Before and following the services, please wear disposable gloves and clean door handles, door plates, light switches, toilet flush handle, taps.


Both parishes have completed a Coronavirus Parish Continuity Plan to ensure, as far as possible, our continued mission and ministry.


When new advice is released we will update this bulletin and also the websites.

Rev Andrew Housley