Happy Birthday

From Anthony Bearon:

As mentioned in Sunday’s service, I am putting together a congregational recording of Happy Birthday to be used during the service each week. It would be great to have lots of contributions. My aim is to sound like congregational singing, for which I’ll need as many different voices as possible.

If you play an instrument, I’d love to receive a separate recording of you playing, and I’ll merge that in too. I’ve attached the music – feel free to play the tune, chords, or make up your own part.

To make the recording, all you’ll need is a phone / tablet / PC and some headphones. You’ll need to play the backing track through the headphones and record yourself singing along. You can use a single device, or you may find it easier to play the backing track on one device and record onto another.

1. Find a recording app on your device.

a. You can use your camera to take a video and I’ll extract the audio

b. Or record just your audio. E.g. on a windows PC or an Android phone you can use “Voice Recorder” app.

2. Play the backing track through your headphones: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n3e5hge1urj53sl/Happy%20Birthday%20Backing%20Track.wav?dl=0

3. Record yourself singing or playing along

4. Don’t worry about extra noise before and after, I’ll trim that off.

5. Once you’re done, please upload the recording here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/BGOpjuf8dkLgVHBIPvNH

Note; please do use headphones, so that the backing track isn’t heard in your recording. If there are several in your family, please send me a separate recording for each person – though if you’d prefer to sing together, that’s fine.

The initial deadline is Thursday (to be included this Sunday) – but if you miss it, please send me your recording anyway and I’ll include it for subsequent Sundays.