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February Magazine 2017 and Dates

Dates for your diary –

5th February Gift Day

8th February Friends of HTB coffee morning from 10am

9th February Shared Ministry Team (Chair: Jon;  Worship: Paul)

4th March Auberge Evening

15th March Book Club 8pm at The Derby Arms

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Consecration of New Church Graveyard

Our new Churchyard Extension was consecrated today (Monday 9th January).

The Churchyard extension was consecrated in a special outdoor service on Monday 9th January at 2pm by the Right Reverend Bishop Paul Bayes of Liverpool.

The service was attended by fellow parishioners and children from Bickerstaffe School.

Photographs are below.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the project, everyone who has made donations, the Bickerstock Tea Stall, the All Churches Trust, Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund and Lord Derby.

A special thanks to Merrick who has worked tirelessly on the project.


New Graveyard Consecration

Our new Churchyard Extension is bring consecrated next week and we would like to invite you to this event.

The Churchyard extension is being consecrated on Monday 9th January at 2pm by Bishop Paul Bayes of Liverpool.

We look forward to seeing you then, we hope you can come.

With refreshments afterwards.