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Church Re-opening September 2020

Holy Trinity Church Bickerstaffe is reopening on Sunday 6th September , first service back is 11:00am.

Full details in September magazine.

Here are the guidelines:

Public Worship in at St Michael’s Aughton and Holy Trinity Bickerstaffe

Dear Friends,

It has been six months since we last met in our church buildings for worship and so I’m sure you will be Pleased to know that there will be a weekly service of worship in both St Michael’s and Holy Trinity starting in September. The services will be at the temporary time of 9.30am at St Michael’s and 11am at Holy Trinity. When there is enough support, the services will move back to the usual times. In accordance with the guidance, here are the main things you will find different from the last time we worshipped in the church building:

• Social distancing of 2m between households will need to be observed, both during the service and on entering and leaving the church. Certain pews will be blocked off and you will be asked to fill up from the front of the church in the next available pew. Please sit by yourself or with your household.

• Following the service, please remain in your pew until the person/household in the pew behind you has left.

• As you arrive your name will be recorded to assist “track and trace” if required. These details will be retained for 21 days only.

• There will be hand sanitiser stations near the door and you are asked to use hand sanitiser on
entering and leaving the church.

• There can be no congregational singing of hymns.

• There will be no offering taken by passing the collection plate. Instead there will be a box/plate for a retiring collection placed at the back of church. At St Michael’s there is also a card reader. We would like to encourage people to start a standing order or join the Parish Giving Scheme to reduce the use of loose money and cheques.

• Masks need to be worn covering both mouth and nose during the service. If there are reasons you are unable to wear a mask, please let Andrew know.

• While we would love to see everyone in person at our church services, we understand that some of our regular congregation may feel uncomfortable about returning to public worship just yet. TheYouTube service will continue to be produced for each Sunday and Andrew is happy to bring Communion to your garden to share with friends or family.

• If you are planning to attend church with children, please would you bring your own
books/toys/drawing materials as we are unable to provide these for the present.

• There can be no refreshments after the service and those attending should please not linger in the church building or at its entrance to chat (even if socially-distanced) after the service.

Holy Communion:

• Only wafers will be distributed to the congregation and there will be no use of the common chalice.

• The wafers will be kept covered before distribution and the Minister will use hand sanitiser before and after distribution.

• To maintain social distancing, please remain in your pews for the administration of communion. The wafer will be dropped into your hand at arms-length.

Please continue to pray for St Michael’s and Holy Trinity as we continue to minister and worship during these challenging times.

God bless Rev Andrew Housley.