Four Lane Ends Mission

Four Lane Ends Mission

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Four Lane Ends Mission acts as both our Village and Church Hall. It is used on a regular basis by organisations including Mothers’ Union, Sunday Club, Women’s Institute, Crafty Corner, Luncheon Club and the Parish Council. In addition to this it is also the regular venue for special events such as the Christmas Fair, Passover Meal and Quiz evenings. The building is also used as the local poling station.

The building is available for hire to individuals, community groups or commercial events.


On September 14th 1885 a 75 year lease for the land was obtained by Sir Samuel Rosbotham from Lord Derby. Following contributions of money raised by the Parishioners of Bickerstaffe, the Mission and Reading Room was opened in 1904. There were, however, several conditions insisted on by Sir Samuel Rosbotham.

The building could remain on the land for the length of the lease. It would be under the control of a committee, chaired by the Vicar, of P.C.C. members and local residents who attended services conducted in conformity with the established Church of England.

On July 16th 1957 the P.C.C. bought the freehold of the land and the Mission from Lord Derby and so secured the future use of the Mission 3 years before the leasehold ran out.

This Conveyance, after being recorded by the Charity Commissioners on 21st August 1959 is lodged with the Liverpool Diocesan Board of Finance.

On July 22nd 1963 a part of the land was sold by the P.C.C. to Joseph Berry to build a house.