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Advent Course

Advent Course:
This year during Advent, we will be studying ‘Living in Hope’ which is produced by York Courses. We will meet online to discuss the course on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm starting on 25th November. If you would prefer to not join us online, I can get you a booklet so you can follow the course in your own time. Everyone is welcome to join us, whether you are living in Aughton, Bickerstaffe or beyond. The course booklets are £3.80.

‘Living in Hope’ by Catherine Fox

Session 1. Living well
Session 2. Dying well
Session 3. Hell-bent on destruction?
Session 4. Going to Heaven when we die?

This advent course is a chance to have a think about what it means to live well, and to die well. We are people of history and people of hope. We look back to the Bible to see where we’ve come from, and we look forward in hope to what lies ahead.

But there are times when looking ahead is frightening. Even looking around can be a source of anxiety. The times seem dark, and the political situation unstable. The challenge of climate change looms larger each decade. What hope do we have? How can we live well in the face of current events?

Advent has traditionally been the season of hope and of preparation. We look back, as people of history, to Christ’s first coming. But we look forward too, as people of hope, to his second coming. Every time we repeat the creed we say that we believe ‘he will come again in glory, to judge the living and the dead.’ Is judgement something to look forward to—or to dread? What happens when we die?

These are big themes to get our teeth into. Historically, they’ve been referred to as ‘The Four Last Things’ (Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell). But as we explore them in the light of Christ, we’ll begin to see that the last things are also the first things; that everything holds together in the one who is the alpha and omega, the first and the last. And who knows?—we may find that the art of living well, and the art of dying well, are not that far apart at all.


Rev Andrew Housley

Tel 01695 423204

Church AGM for 2019

The 2019 AGM took place today , Sunday 11th October 2020.

The Church Wardens for the year 2020-1 are:

  • Mr Mike Emmott
  • MrAlbert Webster

Documents below relating to the meeting.

01. 201011 – agm agenda

02. 190326 – AGM minutes

03. Guidelines for attending church

03. risk assessment

04. 2019 accounts combined draft AGM Oct Meet

05. Annual report

06. Bickerstaffe CE School report to the PCC 11-10-20

07. Reports MR


Come on and Celebrate – Virtual Choir Recording

Come on and Celebrate – Virtual Choir Recording.

For Trinity Sunday on June 7, the “virtual choir” will sing Come on and Celebrate. If you can join in, please do. My aim is to sound like congregational singing, for which I’ll need as many different voices as possible.

To make the recording, all you’ll need is a phone / tablet / computer and some headphones. You’ll need to play the backing track through the headphones and record yourself singing along. You can use a single device, or you may find it easier to play the backing track on one device and record onto another.

Videos are encouraged. Instruments are encouraged. Or please submit audio-only if you prefer. It’s a celebration – lets make it look & sound like one:).

1a. For video – use the camera on your device.
1b. For audio only – either find a recording app (e.g. “Voice Recorder”) – or create a video and tell me to use only the audio.

2. Download the attached backing track and play it through your headphones.

3. Record yourself singing or playing along

4. Don’t worry about extra noise before and after, I’ll trim that off.

5. Once you’re done, please upload the recording here:

Note; please do use headphones, so that the backing track isn’t heard in your recording. If there are several in your family, please send me a separate recording for each person – though if you’d prefer to sing together, that’s fine.

The deadline is Wed 3 June. The words are below, and it’s sung through twice:

Come on and celebrate!
His gift of love we will celebrate
the Son of God, who loved us
and gave us life.

We’ll shout Your praise, O King:
You give us joy nothing else can bring;
we’ll give to You our offering
in celebration praise.

Come on and celebrate,
celebrate and sing,
celebrate and sing to the King:
Come on and celebrate,
celebrate and sing,
celebrate and sing to the King!

Prayer Meetings – Thy Kingdom Come May 2020

‘Thy Kingdom Come’

Please join our local churches prayer meetings in the run up to Pentecost.

The links you need to click are in blue, they are hyperlinks.

Sunday 24th May 9pm Compline
St Thomas Lydiate and St Cuthberts Halsall
Click on link below for access:
Or you can join by clicking on the “Join a Meeting” button and using the
Meeting ID: 975 445 0068 and Password 202020

Monday 25th May 7pm Evening Prayer
All Saints Rainford. Click below:
Meeting ID: 812 3939 6626 and Password: 892165

Tuesday 26th May 9pm
St Thomas Lydiate and St Cuthberts Halsall
Click on link below for access you can join by clicking on the “Join a Meeting” button and using the
Meeting ID: 975 445 0068 and Password 202020

Wednesday 27th May 2pm
St Michael Aughton and Holy Trinity Bickerstaffe
Access via websites on and
Microsoft Teams click below no need for passwords etc:

Thursday 28th May 9.15am
The Oaks, Skelmersdale
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 667 560 648

Thursday 28th May 7am
St John the Baptist Church Burscough
We will manage the event by inviting people to book in via our Church Suite software. When people book into the prayer meeting they will then receive an email with the Zoom meeting details. The link for booking is below

Friday 29th May 12.30pm
St Pauls Skelmesdale
Meeting ID 85363972718 Password 669775

75th Anniversary of VE Day

Celebrate the  75th Anniversary of VE Day at home. Stay safe everyone. Remember what today means.

Please email any photos I can add them on